As a company of the Raiffeisen Group, Aktuell strictly follows an advisory approach – aggressive product sales are not components of our performance range. Customer requirements and customer tasks represent a challenge, and it is our responsibility to find the perfect solution in this respect. We convince our customers by providing skilled expertise, innovative solutions and reliable service quality; this also applies to active claims settlement. 


In order to achieve this quality maxim, we employ modern technological support systems and personal competence provided by our staff members. Not only do we focus on long-term customer relationship, we also concentrate on 
consistency with regard to our staff members. Mutual respect, continuous training and advanced vocational training, as well as absolute customer orientation are not just expressions, which are effective in advertising, on the contrary, these terms represent values that are applied every day. 


As a result of the provision of high quality service to our customers, Aktuell was awarded the Austrian Coat of Arms and has become a member of the “Leading companies of Austria”  “A Leading company is a company that does not aim to achieve short term profit, but sustainable company success. Due to its market and value orientation it is considered to be a driving force for development in the respective region and industry. Moreover, a leading company takes on social and environmental responsibility. By doing so, it fulfils the function of a role model, which results in competitive advantage.”


Leitbetriebe Austria Institut (Leading Companies of Austria Institute), Dr. Peter Haric