Our Values


• The philosophy of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen with its clearly defined ideas form the basis for the ethics and cultural principles of our company 
• Our activities focus on customer demand and customer requests
• Our aim is to achieve sustainable profit and corporate success for our clients
• As far as our service is concerned, we consider ourselves a reliable stakeholder for our clients and we foster long-term partnerships


Who we are


• As an independent insurance broker we are an impartial consultant and offer best advice
• Our work is target-oriented, creative and we act on a global basis
• We convince our clients by providing skilled expertise, innovative solutions and reliable service quality; this also applies to active claims settlement
• Any kind of changes and our daily commitment to satisfy such changes are considered to be both, a positive challenge and our responsibility


Our Quality Standards


• We focus on customer satisfaction, and we intend to strengthen it continuously
• Our quality principles comprise the employment of modern technological support systems, personal competence provided by our staff, and confidence-based relations to customers and insurance partners alike

• We consider customer requirements and customer tasks a challenge and take on the responsibility to find the ideal solution


Our Staff 


• All our target-oriented and committed staff form the basis for our success
• We support and motivate our staff by means of qualified development and vocational training
• As far as quality, performance and costs are concerned, our staff act in a conscious manner 
• Our staff take customer tasks seriously and are proud of the solutions they have achieved
• Women and men enjoy the same chances and rights
• Openness and active communication promote the motivation, satisfaction and loyalty of our employees


Our Goals


• Our aim is to hold a leading position as a broker in Austria 
• As an economically successful company, we also want to be the market leader in terms of quality
• Sustainable, qualitative and quantitative appropriate growth allows us to be a consistent, reliable and innovative partner for our customers 




• … full commitment to our customers

• … success requires safeguarding

• … security is the foundation for further success


What is impossible for the individual can be achieved by many
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818–1888)